Comic Book Art & Artists

Comic Book Art & Artists

This exhibit focuses on several renowned Comic Book artists and showcases a variety of comic book related art. Enjoy!

“At A Siding”
Grateful Dead Comix
Tim Truman
This amazing piece illustrates the lyrics to Terrapin Station’s “At A Siding” segment, and includes a list of dearly departed bands. The original is done in ink and colors on board and was published in Grateful Dead Comix.

“Daredevil #175”
Marvel Comics
Frank Miller/Chris Wozniak
This dynamic piece features an alternate cover for Daredevil #175 by the talented Frank Miller, who is renowned among other things for his work on Marvel’s
Daredevil title in the 80’s (issues 158-191). Penciled by Frank Miller and inked by Chris Wozniak.

“Moon Knight”
Marvel Comics
Bill Sienkiewicz/Chris Wozniak
Moon Knight made his first appearance in Marvel’s Werewolf By Night #32 and was so popular he was given his own title in 1980. Bill Sienkiewicz did the art for the first thirty issues. This piece captures the feeling of those early Moon Knight comics. Penciled by Frank Miller and inked by Chris Wozniak.

“Iron Man Armors”
Marvel Comics
Kevin Sharpe
Iron Man first appeared in “Tales of Suspense” #39 and has used various armors over the years, from the gun metal gray original to the Hulk Buster and other cool setups. This dynamic sketch features two eras of Iron Man armors, poised for attack. Artist Kevin Sharpe created this cool piece, in pencil on Bristol board.

“Playing In The Band”
Grateful Dead Comix
Tim Truman
This cool print features a skeleton version of what might be Uncle John’s Band in the hereafter! Not sure if this was published or not, but its by Tim Truman who created much of the artwork for Grateful Dead Comix. You can spot the “Stealie” in the background. Ink print on paper, hand signed by the artist.