November 29, 2016

JLB 2.0
August West Amphitheater

JLB plays live from their “home stadium” , August West Amphitheater on Darkstar! The past couple JLB shows have really been jam scorchers so don’t miss out as Jed, Mark, Ken and Pete take it to the next level.

Showtime is 8pm EST with a brief setbreak.  Hope to see you at the show!

December 2, 2016

A Sight & Sound Experience
SkyFire WITH Jed Luckless

Following on the critical acclaim of “Atmospheres” and “Eco,” SkyFire and Jed Luckless are teaming up again for another Sight & Sound Experience!

“Cite” will transport the audience around the world on light and music, visiting a vast array of cultures through the cities we live in. Where humanity gathers, there is community, love and co-existence. As with the previous Sight & Sound Experiences, “Cite” illustrates it’s point on a global scale.

Please join us for this special evening Live From The Jedstead at 8pm EST. And make sure to have your passport ready for a trip across the cities of our world!